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    Re: Mold Prevention in new construction

    Posted by Mark H on 9/12/05

    On 8/02/05, Ned wrote:
    >> DecoGuard is a patented product from Organic Products International and has been
    >> scientifically proven to eliminate all types of mold on contact. Our formula is
    >> Organic, Non-Toxic, and it is approved by the FDA.
    > Do you have a patent number? I did a search at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
    > site ( ) and there is neither a patent or
    > published patent application for a product called "DecoGuard", "Deco Guard",
    > or "Deco Gard". I also did a search for patents and trademarks owned by "Organic
    > Products International" and "Mold Elimination of Florida" and found nothing. I was
    > also unable to find anything in the FDA databases on DecoGuard, a product you claim
    > has been approved by the FDA.
    >> We are not EPA approved and choose not to. We are not, we are not a pestiside! We
    >> do not have any chemicals in our product, and we do not want to be labeled as just
    >> another mold killer.
    > There is no such thing as an EPA approved product. The EPA registers products and
    > it's not a matter of choice, it's the law when the product is a pesticide:
    > "Federal law requires that before selling or distributing a pesticide in the United
    > States, a person or company must obtain registration, or license, from EPA. Before
    > registering a new pesticide or new use for a registered pesticide, EPA must first
    > ensure that the pesticide, when used according to label directions, can be used with
    > a reasonable certainty of no harm to human health and without posing unreasonable
    > risks to the environment. To make such determinations, EPA requires more than 100
    > different scientific studies and tests from applicants. Where pesticides may be used
    > on food or feed crops, EPA also sets tolerances (maximum pesticide residue levels)
    > for the amount of the pesticide that can legally remain in or on foods."
    >>We do not Kill mold. We eliminate it and then protect the areas treated. We promote
    >>indoor air quality.
    > Eliminate and kill mean the same thing.

    I think we should all focus on the fact that doing something isnít always as good as
    doing nothing. Be careful of the people that are trying to sell you or your builder
    chemicals that would be applied to your home.

    Make sure you do your research. Look into the MSDS and EPA Registrations for all the
    chemicals you may use and be very weary of those that have neither.

    Look for trained technicians and certified and recognized companies. Companies that
    are members of local and national organizations and have been for sometime.

    The industry is young, maybe 3 or 4 yrs old. That means most of the guys making
    promises may actually be in their 1st yr of business. Look for someone who ha been in
    business at least 3 0r 4 yrs and is using an EPA registered product with MSDS.
    (Material safety data sheets)

    Review their website. Their Warranty. Their print literature. Find out if they are
    just a chemical company that has simply found a new market for their chemicals or an
    industry professional with training and certification.

    Always ask for references whether it be a homeowner or a builder, find out how the
    company treats both. Some are out there just spraying chemicals and walking away.

    In the end I am sure you will find that there are a few really good companies out there
    though most are geographically challenged. Simply put, none of them can handle

    The list is short and I do have my pick. Microshield Environmental Services. But
    unless you live in the Southeast US you wont find them in your area, yet.

    You can find out more information on Microshield Environmental Services at Or simply search the net for mold pretreatment or mold
    prevention. You should find plenty of information readily available.

    Mark H
    Florida Housing News

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