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    Re: Mold Prevention - MicroShield Environmental Services

    Posted by Keith on 9/12/05

    On 9/08/05, Phill wrote:
    > On 8/20/05, EnviroCare wrote:
    >> Have you looked at envirocare? See them at
    >> They have many offices around Florida and have a proven track record of success.
    > We had the guys from EnviroCare in our office. These guys were your typical fast talking
    > salesmen with no real knowledge of how to build a house or what a Home Builders real concerns
    > are. They didnt even have any practical knowledge about mold and their product. We use only
    > Microshield mold pretreatment. Microshields techs are all certified and come from the
    > homebuilding industry. Most were supers. They speak our language and we trust them. Yes
    > that matters. Their chemicals have had an EPA registration since 1965 and have been working
    > well for us since 2002. I like the fact that the guy that developed the program is a builder
    > himself. I really dont think any of the other fast talkers have that kind of a back ground.
    > Good Luck guys.

    I think that the service our division receives from Microshield environmental services is

    I have had the pleasure to met with the builder that developed the complete MicroShield mold
    prevention program and it really is well rounded and intended to prevent any and all mold
    related issues.

    The brochures that we are provided with educate and inform our buyers about the steps we take
    to pretreat and prevent mold in our homes. Our buyer response has been phenomenal.

    Prior to the implementation of Microshield ES our field superintendents would be asked
    questions regarding frame stage mold with no real reply. We now have excellent brochures
    explaining the pretreatment process and protocol procedures outlining both the buyers and the
    builders responsibilities should either of us experience a water intrusion event.

    Donít just pretreat your homes. Get a complete mold prevention program that documents the
    process from pre-drywall mold pretreatments to written reports for all water intrusion events.
    I havenít found another company out there that has such a program.

    We feel that we have a mold prevention program that pretreats, documents and most importantly
    mediates with the buyer so both builder and buyer are happy and never feel the need to litigate.

    If you are serious about building a home that is protected and pretreated from mold call
    Microshield Environmental services.

    MicroShield Environmental Services

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