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    Re: Mold Prevention - MicroShield Environmental Services

    Posted by TM on 9/13/05

    I have looked at the microshield web site and I noticed that they use MicroBan products that I
    can buy at my local supplier. Why would I pay extra to have someone apply a product that I can
    buy and have my own people apply. I do think that if they offered a good warranty that it would
    be a product to consider, but their warranty says that they will not pay out more than you have
    paid into them. Did I read that right? I think I did! SO then I am only paying them to hold
    onto my money. I don't get their warranty or understand what it does for me if I ever have a
    large claim. NExt, I called Microban and asked them if they warranty their products. They said
    that they offer a two year, product replacement warranty and that they have no affiliation with
    microshield. How can microshield offer a 20 year warranty when the manufacturer of the product
    does not even offer a 20 year warranty? If the product really works that well, you would think
    that the manufactuer would offer this warranty to everyone who buys their product because then
    everyone would purchase their products! I would!

    Another thing that concerned me was what microban told me about their products. The QGC product
    that microbshield uses is EPA registered, but only as a disinfectant. It is not registered to
    prevent the growth of mold. Microban told me that they do not have any product that is EPA
    registered to prevent mold. The closest thing that they have is a product that contains EPA
    registered ingredients that forms a barrier that inhibits the growth of mold on the paint
    surface. I asked for clairification on preventing mold on the paint of preventing the mold on
    the wood. He explained that first you use their disninfectant to kill the existing mold, then
    you use their SurfaceShield product to form a protective barrier. I then asked him if water
    could wash off their protective coating and I got a confusing answer that I am still not sure
    of. He said that water would start to diminish their coating, but since the coating slowly
    releases the active agent that you should still have extended protection. He would not discuss
    how long that was.

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