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    Re: Mold Prevention - MicroShield Environmental Services

    Posted by Dan W. on 9/24/05

    DD - You are probably correct about the self promotion of these products on this site. I have had
    several discussions with folks who pretend to want information on our research but then attempt to
    talk us into their chemicals.

    What I am finding is more companies using the language “Contains EPA Approved Chemicals” rather
    than “This product is EPA approved for use as a mold preventative on wood, drywall, painted surfaces,
    etc, etc.” There is a world of difference between these statements. Seems that several companies are
    dancing around the EPA approved label issue.

    This issue is particularly important to ANYONE who is applying these products. It is illegal to apply
    a non-approved disinfectant. Further, it is illegal to apply a disinfectant/pesticide on a non-
    approved surface. Applicators better wake up before they find themselves in a world of legal jeopardy.
    If a home owner or business owner discovers that the chemicals applied were not EPA approved for mold
    prevention or were misapplied, the lawsuits will begin.

    I just got back from the Gulf Coast and I have already spoken to 4 business owners who claimed they
    were contacted by folks attempting to sell a mold prevention warranty. When we inquired about the
    chemicals they were recommending, NONE were EPA approved. Needless to say, word is spreading quickly
    to watch for mold scams. Building inspectors, local, and state regulators are also monitoring the
    situation. It is just a matter of time before these guys will be shut down. We are doing our part to
    inform everyone we speak to.

    Dan W.

    On 9/24/05, DD wrote:
    > Thanks for the information on the chemical they are using. It seemed strange that over the course of
    > only a day or two we had a big spurt of builders recommending them yet not one of them said anything
    > about the chemical being used. If you ask me they were schills because there's no way in hell a
    > major home builder would recommend a mold prevention company without discussing the actual chemical
    > being used. The only thing these so-called biggy builders discussed was the level of service they
    > got from the company (how they showed up on time and gave them some nice paperwork), it's beyond
    > silly to think we would fall for that kind of non-sense. When you are in the business of building
    > hundreds of homes a month you don't just willy nilly hire someone to cover 1/2 million dollar plus
    > homes with a pesticide without taking an interest in the type of chemical being used. You would
    > definately make it the focus of your discussion when you hop online to talk with others in the
    > business, and you would most certainly would take in interest in the material you just posted.
    > These mold prevention yahoos are idiots if they think service with a warranty is all a builder is
    > looking for. In addition, we've seen alot of these guys making product claims that can't be verified
    > and numerous companies trying to disguise who the manufacturer of their product is. The latter, I
    > presume, is due to the fact that they don't want others knowing where they get their product and/or
    > they don't want us verifying the claims they are making on someone else's product.
    > How many more times are we going to hear someone say their product is EPA registered only to find
    > out there is no EPA registration on the product they are selling?
    > How many more times are we going to hear someone say their product is patented and can't be bought
    > anywhere else only to find out they don't have any patents on the product?
    > How many more times are we going to hear someone say they are the manufacturer only to find out they
    > are not the manufacturer?
    > How many more pesticide product claims are we going to hear about that can't be verified?
    > If you are in the business of mold prevention and want to promote your product and/or service
    > here I would suggest providing the following information from the get-go before you get your
    > company's butt ran through the wringer in this dicussion forum:

    > Links to the Material Safety Data Sheets, Technical Data Sheets, Product Labels, EPA
    > registrations and State Pesticide registrations that exist, if they do exist, on the product you are
    > using or selling.
    (note: It's apparent that most of you do not understand what kind of claims
    > you can make regarding your product under the rules followed by the EPA. I suggest you bone up on it
    > at EPA.GOV before discussing what the benefits are of using your product because sure as shit if you
    > make a claim that is not allowed on your product someone here is probably going to drop a dime on
    > your ass with the EPA.)
    > The length of time you have been in business.
    > Level of product liability and general liability insurance you have.
    > If applicable, any current federal and state licenses you have secured.
    > Any warranties your firm offers with a link to those warranties in full and the name of the company
    > backing the warranty.

    > Also note: if there are any judgments, liens, licensing issues, or other matters of public record
    > that can be found on your company or the principles involved in your company they will probably be
    > uncovered during the course of the discussion here (this is a law forum in case you haven't
    > noticed).
    > TIA

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