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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Chad on 9/27/06

    I am a regional VP for American Mold Guard. Our process involves
    removal of all visible mold from new construction using Arm & Hammer
    Baking soda (soda blasting), then treatment of the cleaned sticks with
    an EPA approved surfactant which will not allow mold to re-grow on any
    treated surface (and we treat the ENTIRE frame).

    Our product is one of the few that acutally IS registered with the EPA
    for use with wood framing. Our EPA product registration number is
    070087-000001-082653. No need to "investigate".

    Our process works quite well. Our website is
    or call us at 877-MOLDGUARD. We do work from coast to coast for some of
    the most reputable builders in the nation.

    On 8/29/06, Investigator Gus wrote:
    > Wow, looks like yet another superduper anti-mold wonder product with
    > another wonderfully hollow bazillion year warranty. Only one problem,
    > they are making antimicrobial performance claims without any apparent
    > EPA registration. I would also hazard a guess there are no state
    > registrations associated with these products either. Anyone selling or
    > using these products is violating federal FIFRA laws and can also face
    > claims by those who have been damaged by the use of these products.
    > If you want to verify this, contact the EPA and have them investigate
    > the company and products they represent. Hummm, sounds like a good
    > idea...
    > IG
    > On 8/29/06, Steve boninni wrote:
    >> We use a new construction mold proof product call TuffSeal Systems.
    >> We apply it to the framing and basement or slab it has a warranty of
    >> 20 years. No mold will grow on this product per testing from Agion
    >> Corp. Today’s new homes are 99&37; air tight and through normal
    > everyday
    >> living like showers and cooking mold will grow in the home. TuffSeal
    >> Systems has addressed this problem with its Air Star System. People
    >> don't understand mold or how it grows. Mold is the same as us, to
    >> live the spores need food, water and a food source. (Very Simple)
    >> When mold spores are in the air they look for a food source when
    > they
    >> find it they grow. The air & heating systems moves these spores all
    >> over your home or office and that is why indoor air quality is so
    >> bad. Mold can be introduced to the area by opening the front door or
    >> having mold growth on your sidewalks and bring it in on your shoes.
    >> Molds start the process of decay in the world.
    >> You have to look at the big picture when addressing mold fighting.
    >> TuffSeal Systems is at
    >> On 8/21/06, bb wrote:
    >>> American Moldguard: ten year warranty - right! - if nothing gets
    >>> wet!
    >>> And blasting at mold! Duh! - great way to spread those spores.
    >>> A few years ago I started using a product that I just fell upon -
    >>> through a friend. A low key company back east sells a product
    >>> called Enviroshield. It's a water-based epoxy and it breathes. I
    >>> spray it on everything: wood, metal, duct concrete, old tar paper.
    >>> Itsticks to everything. I even use it as a primer on clapboard
    >>> that is prone to peeling - this stuff breathes and doesn't get
    >>> blown off. And their warranty is THE BEST I have found. Simply
    >>> said - mold will not grow on their product or your money back. No
    >>> ifs, ands, or buts.
    >>> I spray it anywhere I think there might be mold problems -
    >>> especially around windows, baths, kitchens, attics and
    >>> basements ... even on sheetrock in basements.
    >>> I had a hard time finding these guys on the net. Finally found
    >>> them at Put in the dash or you will get
    >>> someone else.
    >>> As for Forticel, I don't buy it because I can't get any info off
    >>> their website or over the phone. I'll stick with a product that I
    >>> know works.
    >>> bb
    >>> On 8/17/06, chip wrote:
    >>>> Has anyone used a product called forticel?
    >>>> Thanks
    >>>> On 8/16/06, Randy wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/16/06 Randy Wrote:
    >>>>> I am sure you all agree that we builders do what we can
    >>>>> within financial limits to build a mold resistant home. Mold
    >>>>> spores are on all the lumber we use to build with and when a
    >>>>> water intrustion occurs, that mold that has been dormant grows
    >>>>> and goes crazy. By the way, that dormant mold is more toxic
    >>>>> than active mold.
    >>>>> I use American MoldGuard services on everything I build and
    >>>>> believe it is the best due dillegence that I can do to provide
    >>>>> a mold resistant wall and protect myself against liability in
    >>>>> the process.
    >>>>> On 3/23/06, Cindy wrote:
    >>>>>> The REAL way to prevent mold is to construct homes and
    >>>>>> repair work correctly. That means not taking shortcuts like
    >>>>>> omitting window flashing or other materials that are time-
    >>>>>> tested for the prevention of leaks. Many builders and
    >>>>>> remodelers today do not know, or do not care, how to do it
    >>>>>> right. They use unskilled labor, and there is little
    >>>>>> supervision. Codes aren't routinely enforced, and "industry
    >>>>>> standard" gets lower and lower, as more builders start
    >>>>>> taking the same shortcuts.
    >>>>>> Add to that, that many new homes and repair work today are
    >>>>>> done with products that grow mold more easily, and the many
    >>>>>> leaks in some new homes or room additions, etc, quickly lead
    >>>>>> to a mold case. Oriented Strand Board and paper covered
    >>>>>> drywall are probably two of the worst materials as far as
    >>>>>> getting wet, though some types of insulation are really bad
    >>>>>> also.
    >>>>>> Don't waste your money and time on gimmicks. Get it built
    >>>>>> right and your house won't have mold.
    >>>>>> Good luck.
    >>>>>> On 8/02/04, Ljc wrote:
    >>>>>>> I recently ran across a company called American Mold
    >>>>>> Guard.
    >>>>>>> (Irvine, CA). They provide a ten year warranty against
    >>>>>> mold
    >>>>>>> growth on the application of their anti-mold surface
    >>>>>>> coating product which is applied during new construction
    >>>>>> on
    >>>>>>> interior framing and walls. Has anyone heard of this
    >>>>>>> company or product? Does it make any sense...?

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