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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Steve on 9/28/04

    On 9/16/04, Todd wrote:
    > On 9/15/04, Tom wrote:
    >> On 9/08/04, Robert wrote:
    >>> On 9/07/04, John wrote:
    >>>> On 9/07/04, Mike wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/16/04, Norm Sherwood wrote:
    >>>>>> On 8/02/04, Ljc wrote:
    >>>>>>> I recently ran across a company called American Mold Guard.
    >>>>>>> (Irvine, CA). They provide a ten year warranty against mold
    >>>>>>> growth on the application of their anti-mold surface
    >>>>>>> coating product which is applied during new construction on
    >>>>>>> interior framing and walls. Has anyone heard of this
    >>>>>>> company or product? Does it make any sense...?
    >>>>>> I have actually dealt with EnviroCare for my mold issues -
    >>>>>> Try them at
    >>>>> I have been using MicroShield for over 2 years now. You should
    >>>>> give them a call or look them up on line at
    >>>> I have read what many have said about the need to find the
    >>>> building defect and correct it and I couldn’t agree more.
    >>>> Although as a Director of Construction for a national builder I
    >>>> have many supers and many tradesmen involved in building my
    >>> homes
    >>>> and defects happen.
    >>>> I have been using the MicroShield pretreatment for 3 years now
    >>> on
    >>>> all of the homes built in my division and have tested the homes
    >>>> as much as 3 yrs after treatment after a water intrusion event.
    >>>> When called for any leak our protocol is to react to it within
    >>> 24
    >>>> hrs. We take every opportunity to test the product to determine
    >>>> its effectiveness.
    >>>> In an industry (production homebuilding) where everything is an
    >>>> option to control hard cost MicroShield is a standard. It is
    >>> the
    >>>> homebuyer’s decision to purchase a humidistat or a mechanical
    >>>> dehumidifier it is our responsibility as builders to provide
    >>> them
    >>>> with the most protection we can if the choose not to.
    >>>> To date using accredited testing labs the protective coating is
    >>>> still in place and is preventing microbial growth. While this
    >>> is
    >>>> not going to prevent all mold growth it will not allow mold to
    >>>> grow on any treated surface. I have surface mold growth on
    >>>> untreated drywall localized by the pre-treatment contained to a
    >>>> level 1 size area (10 sq ft or less) that can be easily removed
    >>>> with a control bag by our warranty techs that have been mold
    >>>> certified.
    >>>> We have saved our division countless dollars by minimizing our
    >>>> exposure. I consider it risk prevention. The last 2 years
    >>> with
    >>>> MicroShield we have spent $0 on mold remediation and an average
    >>>> of $650 on mold protection per home.
    >>>> We will continue to pre-treat all of our homes with MicroSield
    >>>> as we continue to train o supers ad tradesmen to produe the
    >>>> ever-elusive defect free production
    >>>> Look up MicroShield at I don’t think
    >>>> the others have been around as long and are definitely not as
    >>>> affordable.
    >>> I just looked at the microshield web site,there is one big problem
    >>> with this product. The 2 step application. As a builder, I need
    >>> a one and done application. I can't back up my mechanicals any
    >>> more than they already are. Plus, I don't want something that
    >>> will encapsulate the mold, I want it gone. I would never use the
    >>> microshield program, if you read the fine print on their warranty,
    >>> you could do alot better.
    >> I agree as a builder I want the mold gone as well.
    >> I just can’t afford the remediation cost involved with the removal of
    >> frame stage mold from all of the lumber in a Florida built home. The
    >> mold is on everything. The MicroShield pre-treatment program gives
    >> us something to hang or hat on as a pro-active builder.
    >> The MicroShield chemicals have been around for some 50 odd yrs for
    >> use in water restoration. The application and purpose are the same.
    >> Pre-Treat, Prevent, and Protect, against mold.
    >> The process is 2-steps, but they are both applied at the same time, 1
    >> right after the other. The first killing all of the mold and the 2nd
    >> encapsulating the treated surfaces. We call MicroShield once the
    >> frame inspection is complete and they pre-treat in about 2 hrs.
    >> (both steps)
    >> We have been using the MicroShield Pre-treatment system for about a
    >> yr and a half and our homebuyers love it. We have had absolutely no
    >> mold problems, questions, or concerns that could not be answered with
    >> a legitimate response. MicroShield has peovided us with training,
    >> protocol, field inspections, and 24 hr emergency response. Its not
    >> that the MicroShield warranty requires us to have a 24hr response but
    >> that the NYCHD Guidelines require it.
    >> Wether builders use MicroShield or any of the other pre-treatment
    >> companies out there all should be doing something pro-active to
    >> eliminate and respond to mold in our homes.
    >> I have found that it is the “Nay Sayers” that refuse to move forward
    >> in the industry that typically give the rest of us a black eye.
    >> Builder Tom
    >> Palm Coast Florida
    > WOW
    > That was a lot said.
    > I just want to add, "Stop talking about it and do something about it."
    > The MicroShield system of pre-treatment is affordable and works. Why
    > close up your homes with known mold on the structure if you can do
    > something about it.
    > As a purchasing manager I was the hardest to convince, but we have been
    > using the MicroShield pre-treatment for over 2 yrs now with absolutely
    > no problems.
    > Unless you have tried it or at least listened to the MicroShield
    > presentation lets not knock what we know nothing about.
    > Good luck in court if you continue to ignore the need to be proactive
    > about mold in your homes.
    > Todd
    > Volusia Co, FL

    I ran across this site looking for additional information on mold
    prevention programs for builders. I was impressed with the exchanges.

    I may be looking for more information but I have also been using
    microshield for 2 yrs. I think that all of the high points about mold
    pretreatments have been addressed with the exception of 1. The
    homebuyer’s perspective.

    I have watched as our buyers have gone from high alert and concern to
    complete trust and acceptance. All because we provide them with the
    microshield literature and protection. Fully informing the buyer of how
    we are proactively addressing their concerns about mold has eliminated
    more issues than I can begin to describe.

    Weather it is a water intrusion issues that microshield inspects and
    treats or simply an issue of mold on the lumber during construction our
    supers and warranty techs have a plausible answer, microshield.

    I know it has improved us as a builder but it’s the customer awareness
    and appreciation of our proactive approach to their homes that counts for

    We have successfully separated ourselves from the competition by adding
    microshield to our team.



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