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    Post: EPA Pesticide Registration Questions

    Posted by PI Don on 8/28/06

    Do all these mold prevention companies realize that it is
    illegal to apply a non registered pesticide and that all
    these products making antimicrobial and mold killing
    claims are classified by the EPA as a pesticide? Do their
    customers, agents, and employees realize they are breaking
    federal and state laws by applying or using non registered
    pesticides? Do any of these companies worry about class
    action suits from those home owners and business owners
    who have had non registered pesticides applied to their
    property? Why is the industry, EPA, state agencies,
    builders, and the legal industry (personal injury lawyers)
    allowing this to continue? Some of these companies are
    enticing targets and the punitive damages could be quite
    large. The mold prevention industry is hiding behind a
    thin veneer of lies. When will the lawsuits begin?

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