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    Re: Make an extra $1000 a week !

    Posted by v on 9/04/06

    There maybe room for you!! in club

    On 9/02/06, karatonlnebestoffer
    > "How would you like an extra
    > $500 - $1000 a week with 15 minutes
    of your time ?"
    > Well, I've got great news for you.
    > One day I had an idea. An amazing
    idea actually.
    > I have found a foolproof method how
    anyone can easily make an extra $500
    or even $1.000 every week with 15
    minutes of their time and create a
    substantial monthly income. This
    method has never been released to the
    public before. Very few, if anyone
    has implemented this. I have decided
    to share my idea with you. The only
    thing I ask is you do not share this
    information with anyone.

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