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    Posted by RemDude on 9/06/06

    On 9/05/06, JOE ALEXANDER wrote:
    > baking soda is the media used in sodablasting. it is not
    > caustic and it also kills moel spores

    Yo Joe, thatís a nice opinion however there are no
    significant studies that prove soda blasting kills mold.
    There is no EPA validation that any claims can be made
    regarding the antimicrobial performance of the process.
    However, there are plenty of re-treatments which indicate
    the process is not quite as wonderful as you depict.

    But hey you seem sold on the hype so please carry on. One
    thing thatís guaranteed is the rest of the remediation
    industry loves you soda blasting guys - we get to clean up
    your mess. Unfortunately the customer has to pay twice to
    get a professional and proper remediation job.

    Hereís a suggestion = If you are going to cut corners and
    use blasting media, at least use dry ice since it is
    environmentally safe and will not damage metal surfaces.
    BTW, how much insurance do you have to carry in order to
    replace corroded ductwork, conduit, and junction boxes?

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