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    Post: New mold remediation system...proven after Katrina.

    Posted by Bill Knight on 9/26/06

    There is a new "Sheriff" in town in regards to mold &
    mildew remediation. Serum Products uses a patened system
    utilizing a hydogeon peroxide cleaner (same type of
    chemical our govn. utilized when combating the anthrax
    scares 18 months ago) & a persistant coating, which
    prevents mold from returning (if all protocals are
    observed). It has passed every IAQ in Gulf Port, Ms last
    year, where other failed and every other test to DATE!!

    Recently, I was able to remediate a 2 unit condo in south
    Florida (~ 800 sq. ft. each unit) with a passing IAQ
    grade. The inspector commented on how "clean" the areas
    smelled after application while he conducted his testing.

    We did not do any blasting, NO SANDING OF ANY KIND, and
    one was able to apply the Serum 1000 cleaner in 40 mins.;
    then the Serum 2000 was also applied in 42 mins. The room
    was then neg.aired for 1 1/2 days. Air test was done on
    the following day. This system does a faster job w/fewer
    man hours spent. Serum Products, Marietta, Ga (866)791-
    9595; (678)294-1272

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