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    Re: No need for EPA registration?

    Posted by R Duso on 10/19/06

    On 10/18/06, Chris wrote:
    > I have been in the mold remediation business for a little
    > over two years. We gets lots of phone calls from guys
    > trying to sell us magical mold cures. A few days ago a
    > chemical company called me wanting me to start using their
    > incredible mold prevention product. I asked for their EPA
    > number and he said they do not need one because they fall
    > under the treated article policy from the EPA. He said
    > that no one really needs an EPA registration.
    > I know all of these types of products must be registered.
    > So I have been doing some research on this and I have read
    > the EPA site about treated artcles, but it is confusing to
    > say the least. I found this place in the process of my
    > surfing. Does anyone have an easy to understand
    > explination?
    > Thanks.

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