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    Re: No need for EPA registration?

    Posted by Henry Z on 10/21/06

    > The product as a whole does not need to be registered.

    The above is a common and very expensive mistake made by
    companies selling surface protection products that contain an
    EPA registered antimicrobial from another company. If a product
    makes claims beyond protecting the product it has been
    incorporated into then YES it does have to be registered with
    the EPA.

    In other words, an EPA registed antimicrobial can be added to
    paint with the claim that it helps protect the paint but it
    cannot make the claim that it protects the surface from
    contamination unless the entire product is registered.

    Do the EPA a favor and give them everything you have on the
    company that contacted you.

    > On 10/19/06, R Duso wrote:
    > Chris,
    > EPA registration,
    > It is necessary for all individual products in the
    > formulation to be registered.
    > The product as a whole does not need to be registered.
    > Dick D.

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