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    Re: Mold Prevention coatings applied during new construction

    Posted by Greg Weatherman on 6/29/05


    As long as builders build sloppy structures, no silver
    bullet will save them.

    1) Improperly installed window have nothing to do with these
    wonder products that really don't work.

    2) Poor HVAC design/installation has nothing to do with
    these wonder products that really don't work.

    3) Poor construction sequencing has nothing to do with
    these wonder products that really don't work.


    Greg Weatherman
    aerobioLogical Solotions Inc.
    Arlington VA 22202-2020


    On 6/29/05, Rick Wald wrote:
    > When it comes to mold in the building and construction
    > industry you could say the media hype has perhaps gone a
    > little overboard. There are a lot of companies out there
    > offering spray on protection, most of these companies are
    > capitalizing on consumer fear of the mold problem which
    > has been over hyped by the media. The problem with the
    > mircoshield type companies is they offer a service that
    > nobody really knows if it works or not. Furthermore, they
    > back up their products with warranties that often times
    > exclude mold growth and have a list of exclusions as long
    > as your arm.
    > The building industry is starting to shift when it comes
    > to mold and moisture protection. Where wood and water are
    > mixed, it rarely is a question of “if mold will appear”
    > it’s a matter of when, and often times its long after the
    > lumber has been sealed in a wall between plastic and a
    > very low perm exterior wall sheathing. Hoping it remains
    > undetected is not a defense against mold. Open
    > discussions regarding the nature of building materials,
    > the practicalities of building in a varied climate and
    > exposure to new products specifically designed with the
    > home owners’ or building owners’ best interest in mind is
    > what consumers are looking for.
    > No matter how careful a builder is, the inherent nature of
    > wood supports mold growth. This growth is compounded when
    > wood is exposed to bulk water and prohibited from drying
    > completely.
    > Lumber is most vulnerable to mold when it’s up against the
    > elements, stacked on top of dirt and mud and exposed to
    > rain during framing.
    > The industry has answered back to mold concerns with new
    > revolutionary products like the G.P. DensArmor paperless
    > wall board and MoldBlock Treated Lumber. These products
    > prevent mold growth within the exterior envelope of the
    > structure, they are ordered and available through every
    > contractor yard and home center and allow the builder to
    > offer warrantable mold protection without having to deal
    > with additional crews or sub-contractors. Products like
    > MoldBlock Lumber and Dens Armor cost the same as untreated
    > lumber and regular paper wall board so cost is not a
    > factor at all.
    > You'll see manufactures pre-treat material directly from
    > the mill which can be seamlessly incorporated into any
    > builders system become the industry standard when it comes
    > to addressing mold in construction.
    > To summarize; You don't need to kill a fly with a
    > sludgehammer. You don't need to hire someone to spray
    > your home during the construction process to prevent
    > mold. Just use the new products that are available in
    > constructing the exterior envelope that provide
    > warrantable mold protection. They cost the same and work.
    > RW

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