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    Re: Welcome to the Class Actions Chatboard

    Posted by Hardy Parkerson, Atty. - Lake Charles on 6/19/04

    Dear Counsel.Net Friends,

    I have several toxic-tort mass disaster Class Actions
    going. I have just associated with two other great law
    firms who have made millions recently in toxic-tort and
    cigarette litigation, and now my clients have lawyers with
    the capital to successfully litigate such Class Actions
    against corporate giants. I am looking forward to the
    future. I turned over to these lawyers about 500 signed-up
    contingent fee clients. They're capitalized, sufficiently
    staffed and technologically up-to-date; and they are doing a
    great job. Of course, I have retained my clients, but in
    association with these two great and nationally-recognized
    South Louisiana law firms.


    Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    Lake Charles
    "The birthplace of the petro-chemical industry."

    On 5/13/04, Bob R/CA wrote:
    > Welcome to the Class Actions Chatboard. The
    > Class Actions Chatboard is dedicated to
    > and legal experts involved in Class Actions litigation and
    > Class Actions claims.

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