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    Re: Welcome to the Class Actions Chatboard

    Posted by ff on 6/27/04

    Hey Hardy,

    Mary's from up north somewhere, somewhere north of Shreveport. Life in the
    exploited bayou areas would do her good, you know, even Lake Charles - the
    birthplace of the petrochemical industry. My guess is, she'd gain a new
    perspective on toxic exposures just from visiting a place like Morgan City -
    the place where refuse and toxic waste from up north floats on barges for
    years. It's cheaper to tow it from NY to MC (and deny ownership) than to
    pay the costs for proper disposal.

    Crawfish - have they been studied as environmental indicators? Considerable
    research out of LSU has need devoted to gators. The bright side is,
    whatever they're loaded with, there good enough to overcome any worries.

    (Mary, there really is a Bayou Blue down there, in LaFourche Parish, but
    it's hardly blue. It is well recognized that the primary means of disposal
    is to dump it in the bayou. Pollute at will. Hey johncodie, whatever
    happened to the DeLisle dioxin/water injection - thought there was a huge
    class action suit. Was it kicked out, preempted by federal law becasue EPA
    permitted the injection of the waste water into ground water?)

    Finally, Linda Fisher (EPA) found a home?


    On 6/26/04, mary wrote:
    > Hello Hardy:
    > Well, I sure ain't the rule maker, but, the context is I would
    > think there is plenty to talk about in that context. Maybe you could share
    > your thoughts on the recent IBM outcomes for example. Just my thinking.
    > Ranting later...
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > wrote:
    >> Dear Toxlaw Freinds,
    >> This Class Action forum is nice! However, I wonder if it is intended
    >> to be only about Toxic Tort Class Actions. There are many other types of
    >> Class Actions other than Toxic Tort actions. I filed one recently
    >> against the State of Louisiana for return of millions of dollars that I
    >> think have been collected illegally when Louisiana sheriffs make a
    >> defendant pay money to the state just to bond out of jail. Of course,
    >> that is in additon to the bond posted by the defendant. Also, the state
    >> gets a percentage of the money paid a bailbondsman for a bailbond; and
    >> this money is divvided up among the judges who set the amount of the
    >> bailbond (so that the higher that the bonds are set, the more money the
    >> judges get), the D.A., the Public Defender and the sheriff. I say that
    >> that Tax on the Bill of Rights is unconstitutional, and that all the
    >> money that has been collected according to that unconstitional Louisiana
    >> law has to be refunded. What do you think about all of this?
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Hary Parkerson, Atty.
    >> Lake Charles, LA
    >> On 6/23/04, mary wrote:
    >>> Hello Hardy:
    >>> My beef is with the ABUSE of class action litigation. I also think
    >>> there is a proper time and place for it.
    >>> But in any event, I hope you will post here often and share your
    >>> thoughts.
    >>> Best Regards,
    >>> Mary
    >>> On 6/22/04, Hardy Parkerson, Atty. wrote:
    >>>> Dear Mary,
    >>>> Power to you! Have at it! Maybe some day the class action will
    >>>> be done away with. Then each man and woman in a mass disaster
    >>>> situation like happens in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, from time to
    >>>> time (lately rather frequently) will just have to file his or her
    >>>> own individual lawsuit; and there will be upwards of ten thousand or
    >>>> more such lawsuits filed following just one such mass-disaster toxic-
    >>>> tort accident and chemical release. Best of luck to you!
    >>>> Sincerely,
    >>>> Hardy Parkerson, Atty.
    >>>> Class Action Lawyer (among other things)
    >>>> Lake Charles, LA
    >>>> On 6/22/04, Mary wrote:
    >>>>> Hardy:
    >>>>> I was referring to the post, not any specific actions. And yes, I
    >>>>> do have a problem with class action abuse. This is known by most
    >>>>> regulars who hang around here. I rant on about class action abuse
    >>>>> frequently and with gusto. The word 'greedy' is used from time to
    >>>>> time. Understanding the limitations of that approach I also
    >>>>> communicate more objectively with elected officials, and with like
    >>>>> minded professionals, in an effort to change a system that permits
    >>>>> this abuse.
    >>>>> Best Regards,
    >>>>> Mary

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