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    Re: Welcome to the Class Actions Chatboard ff

    Posted by DD on 6/28/04

    Bon Jour,

    Yes, GW, you have a point. Louisiana is unique. It is true that the average
    resident is less 'inviting' of 'outsiders' and it doesn't take much to make a long
    term (as in many generations) resident an 'outsider' if they step outside of the box.

    I was curious about a class action suit against city and state for failing to uphold
    tenants' rights statutes and protect that entire class from the many abuses
    perpetrated by landlords. The usual things, like unauthorized entries, failure to
    disclose, to maintain, etc..., retaliatory evictions, constructive evictions, etc...

    I won't rant here because I've seen too many of my posts used without my permission.
    Mary, I learned my lesson after seeing an entire post reprinted elsewhere. I should
    have been copyrighting some of that stuff. On the other hand, I'd like to think that
    some of our rants helped out some.

    As for the suit against the state by Parkerson, you are a brave man, sir, and I
    admire bravery. Perhaps you would be interested in looking at my cases.

    Au Revoir,

    On 6/27/04, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    > To the usual suspects,
    > I think the average resident of Louisiana would be very happy to keep the outsiders
    > outside unless its the tourists who want to spend money. I know this because I was
    > reared (I was taught cattle are raised and people are reared) in Louisiana near
    > Shreveport. I recently went back for the first time in 18 years. Casinos are
    > everywhere. Shreveport is "Little Las Vegas of the South".
    > Anyway, it is a nation unto itself. California has nothing on Louisiana. Half the
    > population in Shreveport at any given moment is Texans who have come to give their
    > money to the racetrack or casino. Now they have a new tax base. The old ones were
    > oil and bizarre fines or fees. Ask anyone who traveled through Bunkie or
    > Cheneyville if they have problems raising revenues from speeding fines on State
    > Highway 71.
    > It can't be a very bad place since Hank Williams Jr. was born there. So, if you're
    > going to sue, the casinos are the only ones with money. The rest of the state is
    > broke.
    > Regards,
    > Greg Weathrman
    > Aerobiological Solutions Inc.
    > Arlington Va 22202
    > ********************************************************************
    > On 6/27/04, ff wrote:
    >> Mary:
    >> To be clear, I'm not from Louisiana, just lived there for a couple of years and
    >> traveled to there for many. Prior to that, it was 1680 when any of our family
    >> left VA for LA, for a short stay before joining up in FL.
    >> It does have a uniqueness. Is former LA Gov. Edwin Edwards still alive? If so,
    >> he could help locally with succession. His involvement would be necessary in
    >> shedding the liability, otherwise you guys up there would simpy be establishing
    >> one element of plaintiffs' fraud claim (you knew the waste was toxic to the
    >> environment, to the residents, and you kicked them out of the US to avoid
    >> liability..)
    >> ff
    >> On 6/27/04, Mary wrote:
    >>> Hey ff:
    >>> I've been meaning to ask you, is that Louisiana place you talk about some kind
    >>> of real state or something? By the sound of it maybe we should spin the whole
    >>> place off as a new country and shed the liability. he he he...
    >>> Best Regards,
    >>> Mary

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