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    Re: Nanner nanner nanner

    Posted by Ozarks Lawyer on 2/19/05

    Okay, Mary, you've got me on the ropes. Just tell me what it will
    take to end this squabble and makes things right between us?

    Though I must admit, I'm getting a little jealous of v. Tell me I
    have nothing to worry about. Tell me it ain't so.

    I thought you and I are the self-acclaimed brilliant, good-looking
    and modest ones (sorry, v). We both a little scrappy at times,

    On 2/18/05, v wrote:
    > I hope i didn't hurt you Mary. I
    > like good looking woman, with
    > brains, & modest too. I sent you a
    > valentines greeting! Ahh as far as
    > the big pay day, whats about the new
    > cap laws, they passed? now that's
    > gotta hurt BAD!!
    > On 2/18/05, Mary wrote:
    >> OL:
    >> Well, gosh (snif), I thought I WAS
    > being brilliant. I KNOW I was
    >> good looking when I made this
    > post... I was looking in the
    >> mirror at the time. Modest?
    > Well... I am too humble to say.
    >> You've hurt me. Bad.
    >> Mary
    >> PS: I'm taking my lava lamp class
    > to the federal courts. I'm
    >> going to bring in more cases. It
    > is going to be big. Huge! Early
    >> retirement is in my future.
    >> On 2/18/05, Ozarks Lawyer wrote:
    >>> I don't get it, Mary. Last time
    > we had an exchange, we
    >>> agreed that we were both
    > brilliant, modest and good
    >>> looking. It was a beautiful
    > moment.
    >>> On 2/18/05, Mary wrote:
    >>>> Greetings:
    >>>> Nanner nanner na-nner! (Said in
    > a childish, almost musical
    >>>> way...)
    > 2/18/limiting.lawsuits.a
    >>> p/index.html
    >>>> Best Regards,
    >>>> Mary
    >>>> PS: There goes the lava lamp
    > class in Texas.

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