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    Re: Northeast Specialty Hospital's COEM

    Posted by Added PostScript on 5/08/05

    Northeast Specialty Hospital is located in Braintree,
    Massachusetts. It has a Center for Occupational and
    Environmental Health (COEM). If you were to go to the
    website whose address appears at the end of this post,
    you would be able to see that it is affiliated with
    the Harvard School of Public Health.

    The website posted below exclusively profiles the
    Northeast Specialty Hospital's Center for Occupational
    and Environmental Medicine. The first section of it is
    titled, "Diagnosis and Treatment of Occupational and
    Environmental Illness". If you were to scroll down to
    the end of that section, you would find a list of eleven
    "occupational/environmental Illnesses" diagnosed and
    treated at the COEM. That list is preceded by the
    following statement:

    "Those who suffer from types of
    occupational/environmental illnesses
    listed below will find help at the COEM."

    The ninth illness listed is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.
    In fact, the tenth one listed is "Building-related Disease."

    This is found at:

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