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    Re: Proof of Chemical Sensitivity in Mainstream Medical Rese

    Posted by mary on 4/02/05


    More the former. Unhappy class members. But, heck, I say open the


    On 4/02/05, Kevin wrote:
    > On 3/26/05, mary wrote:
    >> Well Pat (Other Pat?),
    >> The Journal article has nothing at all to do with any of the
    >> things in your question. It has only to do with the reality that
    >> class action counsel is not immune from being sucked into a
    >> class action. I personally think that is great. I looks, feels
    >> and smells like justice. I love it.
    >> Mary
    > Hey Mary:
    > I haven't read the article. Does it suggest that class counsel
    > can be sued for malpractice by the class they represent(ed)? Is
    > it limited to malpractice, or can they be sued on a class-wide
    > basis for such things as inflated costs and expenses billed to
    > the class - i.e. trips w/girlfriends, entertainment like lap
    > dances, fishing trips, limos, chartered aircraft to fly to court
    > hearings only an hour's drive away, etc.?
    > Kevin

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