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    Re: Protected Class Members

    Posted by Pat on 4/06/05

    Oh, nothing here makes sense, at all. Not the cited Medical Abstracts of mainstream
    medicine. So, all those physicians and research professionals are incoherent? Not
    the medically approved diagnostic titles. Not the list of medical findings. Not
    the insult of defamation. Not human suffering in the midst of defamation. Not the
    goal of righting wrongs and returning truth where lies have replaced it. Not the
    NBC Dateline Report/Transcript that a person can easily access.

    You obviously are one of those people who say, "Pain? What pain? I don't feel a
    thing." And you were obviously never taught diplomacy. Likewise, you apparently
    haven't the fire to right wrongs. Such coldness is a useless existence.

    So, none of this makes sense, arrogant one? Did you write that with a smirk, by the
    way? You are perhaps a scholar who knows all. Well:

    --- Do you know what it is to suffocate? ---to find yourself doing sewer repair
    work, and after weeks into the project, you suddenly find yourself suffocating to
    the point where everything around you starts to look like a black and gray x-ray?

    --- Do you know what it is to spend shift after shift in highly alkaline work places
    that have enough concrete dust to cover you entirely, unaware that it would come to
    be found by medical science that such alkalinity causes havoc to the health, when
    occupied without a respirator? --- and then to do the stragetic cutting inside
    concrete boxes while the burning oil of a target saw is the only thing that you are
    smelling amidst oil-darkened cloud of dust, and then to not even care because the
    only thing on your mind is to make sure that the saw doesn't bounce directly into
    your face?

    --- to spend shift after shift amidst an aeromatic mixture of solvents, never
    thinking that you would one day become sensitized to them?

    --- to work with formaldehyde-bearing drywall on a historic site, only to get to the
    phase where you become so sensitized to the formaldehyde that you are unable enter
    that site without undergoing the immediate onset of asthma?

    --- to have a nearby worker cry out for the cage-crane to come take you out of an
    industrial well ASAP, apparently because the residue of the pickling of steel
    somehow triggered an asthma attack likened to an anacoda tightly wrapped around your

    --- to go through a longterm carbon monoxide poisoning scenario that literally ended
    up in federal court documents and which caused a singular asthma condition to branch
    out into additional reactivity?

    ---Do you know what it is to wake up because all breathing has stopped, time and
    time again, even during the same night? And do you know what it is to leap out of
    bed fighting to inhale just one short breath, and then in the failure to do so, to
    literally drop to your knees and start praying a Hail Mary?

    ---Do you know it is to dry heave so intensely that the chest and bisceps cringe
    with pain? And do you know what it is to dry heave so intensely that you feel as if
    you are being punched from the inside at the lower right side of the rib cage?

    ---Did you ever have headaches so severe that the cheekbones and temples continue to
    feel bruised even a day after a headache long since subsided?

    ---Did you ever vomit at the smell of shampoo?

    ---Did you ever literally go to edge of the charts (off a standard deviation range)
    in certain medical testing?

    ---Do you know what it is to be in an ER and hear one of the medical attendants cry
    out, "Oh my God, he's down to such-and-such a number;" and then to hear the
    simultaneous "rip-tear-tear-rip-tear" of bags in the ER?

    ---Do you what it is to drive to an ER with only the use of your forearms, because
    your hands cramped-up and became inoperable, along with your mouth, during an asthma

    ---Do you what it is to have been the stereotypical Italian, with the chiselled
    Roman features of the Pompeii/Avellino/Benevento variety, able to do acrobatic
    things as easily as others swept kitchen floors, and then to suddenly find that you
    couldn't do something as effortless as sit in a room without getting ill?

    ---Do you know what it is to be unable to attend Christmas dinners and
    get-togethers, because of the pine, the scented candles, the perfume, and the potpourri?

    ---Do you what it is like to be on six prescription medications monthly, simply for
    the purpose of keeping your asthma down to chronic mild shortness of breath with
    moments of temporary relief, if and onl if you remain in low-to-zero levels of
    irritant exposure, and then to find yourself becoming sensitized to three of the six

    (There's more to mention. Much more.)

    All in all, if you knew what any of these things were like, then this entire section
    would immediately make sense to you. Very simply, when you suffer intensely, you
    don't have room in your appointment book for defamation of character ringing through
    the various venues where it rings.

    Now, I know what it is to work in minus 30 degree wind chills. I know what it is to
    be crushed between two 2,430 lb steel beams that shifted while I was on one of them.
    I know what it is to have a couple of concussions; suffered in football. And I
    know what it is like to play a varsite game in a high speed collision sport with
    exactly a 102.4 temperature (according to the team trainer). Am no stranger to the
    separated shoulder. No stranger to the broken nose (auto accident.) And I know
    what it is like to play an entire league game with a broken foot, as the lead-off
    hitter who is always given the "steal sign" as soon as he gets on base. In fact, I
    even know what it is to have an illness accompanied by a white blood cell count so
    high that a bone marrow tap and biopsy were performed, in order to see if there were
    cancer. Yet, in all of those things, nothing came close to the torment of Chemical
    Injury/Sensitization. (And those other things did involve pain, at one time or
    another.) This is because my variety of that illness assailed vital organs. Vital
    organs are vulnerable. Not even the steel beam crush injury was worse. In fact,
    getting crushed between those steel beams didn't hurt as badly as I thought it would.

    Do me a big favor: Stay away from me. You personally. And you stay away from me
    by staying away from my postings. Quit being an annoying fly that buzzes around.
    You are not a part of any solution. In fact, instead of spending your time here (at
    least since the Patrick Casanova days ending in 2003), why not look for a website
    that teaches you human decency and courtesy. Some of us have more than enough to
    suffer as it is, and have had so for consecutive years.

    On 4/05/05, mary wrote:
    > Kevin:
    > Actually the time to REALLY worry is when some of the things appearing at this
    > site begin to make SENSE.
    > Mary
    > On 4/05/05, Kevin wrote:
    >> On 4/05/05, Pat wrote:
    >> Man, you lost me.

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