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    Re: Protected Class Members

    Posted by mary on 4/07/05

    Well, there used to be more but the government flew big black choppers in an closed them down. No one
    has seen the people since. I don't know what is going on. In fact, every time I post here, I swear I
    see helicopters hovering overhead. I'm starting to get kinda scared.

    But, just to be sure, why don't you do a google search?


    On 4/07/05, Pat wrote:
    > Do you know of any other websites where a person can post comments on this subject?
    > On 4/07/05, Mary wrote:
    >> Pat:
    >> Well, there is me, you and Kevin. I think there are plenty of venues, the art I think is in the
    >> form of the message. Really, it is your call.
    >> Mary
    >> On 4/07/05, Pat wrote:
    >>> How many people really read the postings that have been placed at this particular section since
    >>> Feb 28? I doubt very many.
    >>> On 4/07/05, mary wrote:
    >>>> Pat:
    >>>> How about this one?
    >>>> Mary
    >>>> On 4/07/05, Pat wrote:
    >>>>> What soap box do use? What venue?
    >>>>> On 4/07/05, mary wrote:
    >>>>>> Pat:
    >>>>>> Short and sweet. Think key points. Links to the details. Try it out.
    >>>>>> Mary
    >>>>>> On 4/06/05, Pat wrote:
    >>>>>>> How do I get my message out?

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