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    Re: Protected Class Members*Mary*

    Posted by Kevin on 4/08/05


    Several months ago, this was THE site to seek and share information about practically any topic or issue
    in the realm of toxic torts, product liability, mold, the environment, and a host of other related
    matters. Stick around. It has the potential to return to its former self.

    It's easy to navigate, has a strong forum of contemporary issues, and its moderator seems to have grasped
    control of some of the abusive posters who once made the site unattractive because of all the inflamatory
    bickering and name-calling that constantly frustrated the exchange of information.

    I wish more people felt at ease with sharing their information and experiences. But, I do believe there
    are more people "tuning in" than just those who post. Your messages or questions will reach one or more
    of those people. Make sure you post your email address if you want direct/personal responses.


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