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    Re: Patrick Casanova are you out there?

    Posted by The other Pat on 5/04/05

    Welcome back, Patrick. For the record, I have recently sent
    you a very short introductory email to your personal address.
    However, in addition:

    Keep in mind that my very new web log is much more gentlemanly
    written than is the opening message on this thread.

    My postings have been edited for typos. They are line-itemed,
    and are designed to convey, in citable & sequential form,
    mainstream medical documentation concerning all forms of
    Chemical Sensitivity.

    This includes Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome,
    Photoallergic Contact Dermatitis, Sulfite Intolerance,
    Perfume-induced anaphylaxis, Halothane-induced Hepatitis, etc.

    The bottom line is that mainstream medical science has long
    since recognized that low-to-moderate levels of chemicals and
    chemical-bearing agents trigger adverse reactivity in
    susceptible persons.

    Thus, if it is a matter of adverse reactivity triggered by
    a low-to-moderate level of chemical exposure, then it is a
    matter of Chemical Sensitivity. Chemical Sensitivity is not
    limited to the title MCS. Therefore:

    Certain journalists can mock the specific diagnostic title,
    Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, all they want to. It will
    NOT take away the fact the mainstream medical science has
    already documented things such as:

    <> asthma & dermatitis triggered by perfume,
    <> and even anaphylaxis triggered by perfume.

    And the same crew can not take away the fact that the AMA,
    the AAAAI, and the American Lung Association have all
    recognized Perfume Intolerance as a physical medical
    condition (and NOT a psychiatric one),
    even as it applies to ASTHMA.

    And the same crew cannot take away the fact that
    each mainstream association advocates,
    as a necessity, the practice of Avoidance.
    And this includes perfumes. They can only
    seek to hide the facts and create diversions away
    from the facts.

    Etc go the examples.

    Okay then.

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