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    Post: The Hate Mail Website, that is

    Posted by P.S. on 5/03/05

    The Post that is titled, Michael Fumento Hate Mail, could
    easily make one assume that the post is a "hate mail
    letter." In sequence, that mistaken assumption could easily
    make a person avoid opening and then reading the post.

    Well, for the record, that post was not a hate mail letter
    to anybody.

    It was a post that cited something which Mr. Fumento posted
    in abridged form on his "Hate Mail" website; something to
    which he attached a few defamatory comments.

    The sections omitted by Michael Fumento were the pertinent
    ones. And the omitting thereof illustrates another case of
    "convenient omission of evidence." Thus, the previous post
    is simply a "Case in Point" that covers the points. That's
    all. It illustrates the replacing of truth with misleading
    information, inserted in "closed parenthesis".

    Once again, that previous post is NOT hate mail, and this
    particular post is written "just in case" it was assumed to
    have been so.

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