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    Post: By the way, Patrick ... Casanova, that is

    Posted by the other Pat on 5/04/05

    By the way Patrick, I found that mainstream
    medical science has even documented a medical
    condition known as:

    IgE-mediated Ethanolamine Sensitivity.

    Its discovery began when a little girl
    walked past an area where fresh roofing tar
    was being prepared. The discovery resulted
    in the discovery that such a sensitive person
    must avoid being around clothing washed in
    a certain "soil and stain" remover.

    That discovery go back to 1983; 22 years ago.
    Therefore, the advocation on Avoidance as a
    necessity for the chemically sensitive goes
    back decades.

    In fact, Phthalic Anhydride Hypersensitivity
    and the indentification of the specific
    IgE involved in its mechanism, dates back to 1975.

    Therefore, a lot of information has been
    withheld from readily accessible sight for
    decades which could have prevented a lot
    defamatory presumptions, let us politely say.

    While I'm here . . .

    Perhaps you have encounter post-9/11
    literature stating that the title,
    "World Trade Center Syndrome"
    was nothing more than junk science?

    Well, it turns out that the cleanup crew
    members who developed respiratory ills
    actually were "trapping air."

    The was detected via "end-expiratory
    high resolution CT scans." Thus, the
    "objective medical findings" support
    a diagnosis of Small Airways Disease.
    So, World Trade Center Syndrome turns
    out to not be junk science.

    Okay then

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