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    Re: Oh Bob, this will only encourage them

    Posted by Deborah D. on 5/25/04

    Of course he is trying to encourage 'us'; because of all the
    posts and hits, not to mention free information for
    counsel,both defense and plaintiff, victim and offenders,
    there are now some serious advertisers on this
    board;translation, it is now becoming profitable.

    And good for him, too! Nothing wrong with that at all.

    Perhaps you might ask him for me as you are on first name
    basis, "Are the old posts archived and how far back are they

    I actually came across one of my posts, reprinted in its
    entirety, in an alternative news magazine and chatboard,
    without, of course, any acknowledgement to me. One of the
    drawbacks to posting freely on a chat board.

    Deborah D. aka 'other'

    On 5/18/04, Mary wrote:
    > Bob,
    > You just had to do this didn't you? Bad, Bad, Bad.
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary

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