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    Re: encouraging them

    Posted by Bob Reap on 5/25/04

    On 5/25/04, Deborah D. wrote:
    > Mary,
    > Of course he is trying to encourage 'us'; because of all the
    > posts and hits, not to mention free information for
    > counsel,both defense and plaintiff, victim and offenders,
    > there are now some serious advertisers on this
    > board;translation, it is now becoming profitable.

    I'm not sure what the issue is here, if you don't believe "class
    actions" is an area of toxic torts broad and deep enough to
    sustain a dialog, feel free to suggest forum topics.

    > Perhaps you might ask him for me as you are on first name
    > basis, "Are the old posts archived and how far back are they
    > archived?"

    Posts are not here archived. There are websites which may
    happen to contain "echoes" of posts of old, like,
    but you'd have to check for yourself.

    Posts on this thread, including this one

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