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    Re: Oh Bob, this will only encourage them

    Posted by dd on 6/15/04

    I admit that I am envious of the boards' profitability; it
    reminds me of what I lost when all this happened to me.
    I had just pulled myself out of financial oblivion, invested in
    more education, learned how to operate my new computer and
    office system, begun to learn about building web pages, etc..I
    had hoped to turn all of that into something profitable to my
    son and myself to make up for the tragedies of the last 21

    Now, I am technically, a homeless person, dependent on the
    kindnesses of strangers. It has been beyond humbling, it has
    been humiliating.

    On 5/25/04, Deborah D. wrote:
    > Mary,
    > Of course he is trying to encourage 'us'; because of all the
    > posts and hits, not to mention free information for
    > counsel,both defense and plaintiff, victim and offenders,
    > there are now some serious advertisers on this
    > board;translation, it is now becoming profitable.
    > And good for him, too! Nothing wrong with that at all.

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