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    Re: Chinese Drywall and Toxic Fumes

    Posted by Rem Dude on 2/03/09

    The PPM associated with drywall off gassing is well below
    any known danger thresholds. Anyone who is suggesting
    otherwise is simply attempting to profit off of hysteria and

    Unless you are built of copper pipe, Chinese drywall is
    nothing more than a smelly problem.


    On 2/03/09, Toni41889 wrote:
    > Toxic Gases given off by Chinese Drywall
    > I heard a 20 minute interview today on Spainish radio in
    > Miami, Florida about hydrogen sulfide gas coming from
    > Chinese drywall and how it stayed on the Chinese barges
    > months and deteriorated. Dr. Richard Lipsey from
    > Jacksonville, Florida told how the toxic gas converts to
    > sulfuric acid in the lungs and can kill. He talked about
    > the symptoms and the radio station was going to have the
    > listeners sign up for having their homes tested when Dr.
    > Lipsey was going to be in Miami.
    > Is there a class action lawsuit on the Chinese drywall
    > problem? There should be.

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