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    Re: Chinese Drywall and Toxic Fumes

    Posted by Rem Dude on 2/10/09


    I contacted the Florida Department of Health and three environmental
    labs who are testing for carbonyl sulfide, carbon disulfide and hydrogen

    According to the folks at FDOH, no known cases associated with drywall
    exposure have been reported.

    According to three environmental labs testing for the presence of sulfur-
    based compounds in drywall they have no knowledge of any health impact
    and no knowledge of any reported exposure cases. In fact, all their
    tests have shown PPBs far below any known exposure threshold for these

    According to Dr. Phillip T. Goad of the Center for Toxicology and
    Environmental Health, his state-wide testing has shown concentrations of
    carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulfide below the concentrations typically
    emitted by human breath.

    If the compounds emitted by Chinese drywall were so toxic, wouldn’t the
    entire population of China be wiped out by now? After all, the source of
    the sulfur compounds came from their coal fired power plants.


    On 2/09/09, Rem Dude wrote:
    > On 2/09/09, jch wrote:
    > Amazing. To date, no other medical case has been linked to Chinese
    > Drywall. I am sure your case will soon make national headlines so that
    > we can all read about your exposure thresholds and subsequent health
    > impact.
    > In the interim:
    > What was the TWA in PPM exposure and for what chemicals?
    > What were your blood levels for these chemicals?
    > What hospital and/or doctor(s) is treating your case?
    > Have you contacted the CDC and if so, who did you speak with?
    > When will the CDC release their findings?
    > Hope you recover soon!
    > RD
    >> I have definitely been the victim of toxic Chinese drywall. I have
    >> had respiratory problems, asthma, bronchitis, convulsions, dizziness
    >> and stroke-like symptoms. After thorough testing MRI's ...Cat
    >> Scans...and numerous physicians and neurologist they have yet to
    >> determine a cause. I can hardly catch my breath when in our home.
    >> Without a doubt my health has suffered.

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