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    Re: Chinese Drywall Still Not Toxic

    Posted by johncodie on 2/27/09

    I watched the documentary from the US Gypsum Association as
    to how much of all drywall is manufactured. If memory serves
    me right most of the gypsum product comes from the same
    source from whowever choses to manufacture the product. Sort
    of like bricks are made by the same manufacturing methods but
    not all clays are the same; but has to have the same physical
    properties. Paper and gypsum rolled and dried in sheets cut
    to lenght. Most serious mold problems I have seen is from
    wet saturated wood products.

    On 2/25/09, Rem Dude wrote:
    > Well, the results are coming in - no “toxic” drywall found
    > in Florida. The levels of sulfur compounds found inside
    > the homes in question were well within safe limits and
    > well below the EPA chronic exposure threshold.
    > The Florida Department of Health has received 54
    > complaints to date. Most complaints are allergy-like
    > respiratory issues, however, there is no scientific or
    > medical data to prove the complaints are related to
    > Chinese drywall.
    > Looks like the personal injury lawyers, the get rich quick
    > hypochondriacs, and the testing and remediation charlatans
    > lose another one. The good news is, those who genuinely
    > thought they were being harmed by drywall are apparently
    > not.
    > RD

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