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    Re: Chinese Drywall Update 3-22-09

    Posted by Rem Dude on 3/24/09

    Dr. D:

    I thought he was the end-all, be-all expert mold toxicologist
    witness. If mold is not his bag and Chinese drywall is
    definitely not his bag, then what is his bag??? Interesting...

    Anyhow, Chinese drywall continues to be a big news maker in
    the South. Lots of legal firms in Louisiana and Florida are
    equating this to the mold craze of years gone by.

    The builders and contractors are doing all they can to resolve
    complaints, however, there is not enough $$$ to rebuild every
    house. It has been estimated that over 60,000 houses may have
    been built with the product. At $50K a house (low estimate)
    that’s $3 billion dollars + to solve the problem. Not sure too
    may builders have that lying around in their bank account
    these days. Many builders and contractors have already
    declared bankruptcy, therefore there will be little recourse.
    Thankfully this is not a public health emergency, just a pain
    in the butt.

    The story continues...


    On 3/23/09, Dr. Daubert wrote:
    > R Dude, Dr. Asphalt has had a rough time as of late. Seems
    > that Daubert is kicking his ass on more than a few mold
    > cases. I wonder what is left for him as a “professional”
    > witness. One would believe that in order to survive as
    > a “professional” witness, one would have to substantiate
    > the “professional” part no matter what one thought of
    > himself.
    > Perception is not reality when it comes to Dr. Asphalt.
    > Dr. Daubert
    > On 3/22/09, Rem Dude wrote:
    >> Was catching up on the latest and ran across this article
    >> by Dr. Phillp Goad.
    >> "What has been found in drywall?
    >> Re Dr. Richard Lipsey's Feb. 8 article Know symptoms of
    >> toxic-gas exposure: Under my direction, the Center for
    >> Toxicology and Environmental Health has performed air
    >> sampling and examined the results of similar sampling
    >> performed by other organizations on behalf of Lennar.
    >> There are some misleading statements in the article.
    >> First, of the various sulfur compounds mentioned by
    >> Lipsey, only carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide have
    >> been consistently detected. No sulfur dioxide has ever
    >> been detected and hydrogen sulfide only rarely so. We have
    >> also found similar levels of these compounds in homes with
    >> domestic drywall and in outside air samples.
    >> Second, contrary to his statements, the gases hydrogen
    >> sulfide, carbonyl sulfide and carbon disulfide do
    >> not ''become corrosive sulfuric acid'' when inhaled into
    >> the lungs. These compounds are normally found in the human
    >> body, but sulfuric acid is not a product formed in the
    >> body from these compounds.
    >> Third, Lipsey discussed the formation of sulfuric acid
    >> from sulfur dioxide. However, as mentioned above, we've
    >> never detected sulfur dioxide in any of our testing.
    >> Finally, a discussion about the possible health effects of
    >> chemicals is misleading if it does not point out that
    >> these effects are dependent on the level of chemicals to
    >> which someone is exposed.
    >> The two chemicals we and others have consistently found in
    >> air testing, carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide, were
    >> detected at concentrations below federal and state health
    >> guidelines -- and hundreds to thousands of times lower
    >> than levels shown to cause harm.
    >> The chemicals we identified in our testing are naturally
    >> occurring, being produced from ocean water, salt marshes
    >> and estuaries, soil, vegetation and forests. They also are
    >> normally present in the human body and have been measured
    >> in human breath at higher concentrations than we detected
    >> in our home sampling.
    >> PHILLIP T. GOAD, managing partner and principal
    >> toxicologist, Center for Toxicology and Environmental
    >> Health, North Little Rock, Ark."
    >> Sounds like Dr. Goad slammed the door pretty hard on
    >> Lipsey for spreading hype and misinformation
    >> regarding "toxic" Chinese drywall.
    >> So far, no one has found dangerous levels of sulfur
    >> compounds in any homes tested.
    >> RD

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