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    Re: Chinese Drywall

    Posted by Just Checking on 7/03/09

    Dr. Asphalt - We donít know how many aliases Remdude has, but you
    have over 15 from the last count. Cannot understand why you
    persist in your attempts to drum up business here, however, you
    are doing yourself more harm than good.

    Any self-promoting toxicologist would clearly recognize this.
    Makes one question your powers of observation.

    Run along now.

    Just Checking

    On 7/03/09, remdude wrote:
    > speaking of aliases, how many you got.
    > At least he uses his real name and yu can check his facts if you
    > google EPA and the other agencies he quoted. when a scientist's
    > name is even mentioned, you blood suckers swarm like mosquitos.

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