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    Re: chinese dry wall

    Posted by Rem Dude on 3/28/09


    You think wrong. The highest reading from the Department of
    Health and the air samples taken by Environ showed that carbon
    disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfide and hydrogen
    sulfide were in the 0 to 10 parts per BILLION (PPB) range.
    Carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide are the two primary
    components found in gas bag sampling.

    Ask Mr. Lipsey how hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide and carbon
    disulfide become “corrosive sulfuric acid" when inhaled into the
    lungs. Anyone who has even the most basic understanding of
    biochemistry understands that at the exposure levels found in
    Chinese Drywall homes, his statement is not only impossible but

    Ask Mr. Lipsey to post his gas bag sampling numbers to refute
    the findings of the Florida Department of Health, Environ and
    Air Toxics.


    On 3/27/09, Patrick wrote:
    > I think Mary is correct. Codie, or Rem Dude, which ever name
    > choses, is someone who lurks on this site to smear anyone he
    > disagrees with regardless of their education or experience.
    > put Goad's attack on this site, he has done nothing to help
    > anyone.
    > The Florida Dept. of Health report is available for anyone to
    > read and it clearly says that levels of three toxic chemicals
    > were found in all three Chinese drywall samples at levels many
    > times higher than have been reported before, up to 1,000 parts
    > per billion which is a harmful level according to Niosh.
    > or his alias Rem Dude, should quit trying to mislead us and
    > stop attacking people trying to help us.
    > Patrick
    >> On 3/27/09, Mary wrote:
    >>> Codie is an idiot who have nothing better to do than post
    >>> his garbage on this board. Citing Goad, who is an
    >> insurance
    >>> hack, who is trying to get into consulting is a new low
    >> for
    >>> even him. Now we know why real experts never post on this
    >>> site. Being highly opinionated does not an expert make.
    >>> Mary

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