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    Re: chinese dry wall

    Posted by attorney needed? on 4/25/10

    on 4/24/2010 rem chick wrote: Is there someone out there that
    can "delete" the john codies-rem dudes,and all of his fictional
    B.S. (nonsence) Hes ruining this web site. It used to be good and
    Mary, good for you. Don't let him mis-lead you. I got upset with
    him one time.I know a dog when it barks, and somwhere down the
    line, he was dogged!!!And we already know that most men are DOGS!!!
    >John codie: BUTT, Butt...........woof, woof, arf arf, bark bark...
    > to codie:
    > You think wrong. The highest reading from the Department of
    > Health and the air samples taken by Environ showed that carbon
    > disulfide, carbonyl sulfide, dimethyl sulfide and hydrogen
    > sulfide were in the 0 to 10 parts per BILLION (PPB) range.
    > Carbon disulfide and carbonyl sulfide are the two primary
    > components found in gas bag sampling.
    > Ask Mr. Lipsey how hydrogen sulfide, carbonyl sulfide and carbon
    > disulfide become “corrosive sulfuric acid" when inhaled into the
    > lungs. Anyone who has even the most basic understanding of
    > biochemistry understands that at the exposure levels found in
    > Chinese Drywall homes, his statement is not only impossible but
    > absurd.
    > Ask Mr. Lipsey to post his gas bag sampling numbers to refute
    > the findings of the Florida Department of Health, Environ and
    > Air Toxics.
    > RD
    > On 3/27/09, Patrick wrote:
    >> I think Mary is correct. Codie, or Rem Dude, which ever name
    > he
    >> choses, is someone who lurks on this site to smear anyone he
    >> disagrees with regardless of their education or experience.
    > Why
    >> put Goad's attack on this site, he has done nothing to help
    >> anyone.
    >> The Florida Dept. of Health report is available for anyone to
    >> read and it clearly says that levels of three toxic chemicals
    >> were found in all three Chinese drywall samples at levels many
    >> times higher than have been reported before, up to 1,000 parts
    >> per billion which is a harmful level according to Niosh.
    > Codie,
    >> or his alias Rem Dude, should quit trying to mislead us and
    >> stop attacking people trying to help us.
    >> Because of codie, I left this site, come back later,another one
    of his repeats. Boring. Get rid of fleas, john codie:UNLEASHED!!!lol
    >> Patrick
    >>> On 3/27/09, Mary wrote:
    >>>> Codie is an idiot who have nothing better to do than post
    >>>> his garbage on this board. Citing Goad, who is an
    >>> insurance
    >>>> hack, who is trying to get into consulting is a new low
    >>> for
    >>>> even him. Now we know why real experts never post on this
    >>>> site. Being highly opinionated does not an expert make.
    >>>> Mary

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