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    Re: chinese dry wall

    Posted by MBobMean on 4/30/10

    On 3/27/09, Mary wrote:
    > Citing Goad, who is an insurance
    > hack, who is trying to get into consulting

    Actually, I knew Phil Goad in Arkansas. He has been a
    consulting toxicologist for two decades, he is fairly
    circumspect and not anyone I would accuse of just pumping
    out something to make an insurer happy. He's no Johnny come

    You all should not make accusations about people you do not

    The firm he works for does a great deal of environmental
    good by responding to train derailments, they're not
    industry shills. They dissociated form the people they use
    dot work with who did nothing but defense work, as best I
    know, they are far more environmental than human tox, but
    they are very competent. Very.

    Too many people on these boards think that if someone
    disagrees they are lying, science is a tad more difficult
    than that simple assessment indicates OK?

    If Phil Goad thought something was harmful he'd say so.
    This board has such a small amount of credibility already,
    best not to toss it away in an angry fit of pique.

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