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    Post: BioLab Safety

    Posted by st on 5/30/10

    Ironically, on the same day the New York Times article,
    "Safety Rules Can't Keep Up With Biotech Industry" broke,
    the scientific watchdog group, The Council for Responsible
    Genetics-GeneWatch Magazine submitted the electronic
    version of the print subscription; March-April 2010 issue
    titled, "BioLab Safety".

    The Editor of GeneWatch, Sam Anderson stated in the
    Editorial Section, " This may be one of the most important
    GeneWatch issue in recent memory".

    The electronic version of GeneWatch magazine; BioLab Safety
    is available free online at

    This 28 page electronic version can be read as you would a
    “printed” magazine issue.

    March-April 2010 issue; "BioLab Safety" articles:

    A Cruel and Unusual Corporation By Ralph Nader   A Roach in
    the Kitchen By CRG staff - interview with Becky McClain  
    Commentary: GM Crops By Eric Hoffman   Dedication: Tony
    Mazzocchi By Jeremy Gruber   Give Them an Inch... By
    Michael Siciliano   One Bug, One Drug By Lynn Klotz, Edward
    Sylvester   The Lab in My Backyard By Beth Willis   Teatime
    in the Lab By Sam Anderson   Book Review: Breeding Bio
    Insecurity and Germs Gone Wild By Andrew Thibedeau  
    Flushing It Down the Rabbit Hole By Andrew Thibedeau  
    Topic: Genetic Discrimination By Jeremy Gruber   Topic:
    Forensic DNA Databanks By CRG Staff   The Case of Dr.
    Malcolm Casadaban By CRG Staff

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