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    Re: mercury spill advisory Fred

    Posted by v on 10/24/04

    On 10/24/04, Fred R. Dressler wrote:
    > Dr. Pondthegrass- Thanks for the words of support, unfortunately with the passage of time the consensus is by my neurologist after six months seemingly random analysis, is that there is no mercury in my system altho' I've not been subject to any kind of challenge test.. he seems to think that my problem is merely psychological... is it possible for an 8 year old child to consume no less than 8 grams of mercury, then live in an enclosed environment as another 8+ oz.s evaporated over a decade and come out with no Ill effect?, if so, then I must be "superman" considering no one else on the planet could achieve such a feat...Fred R. DresslerOn 7/22/04, Fred R. Dressler wrote: > Mary-> As well, don't you find it ironic that for 30 years the > bottle has been in the home of a retired HS teacher who was > never made aware of the loss?, don't you find it negligent for > school employees who were aware of the loss taking over 20 years > to report it?, don't you find it negligent as well when, after > our first introduction this past February, that there is no > desire to retrieve the bottle?, (stolen property), even after > being informed of the potential of mass infliction... I gladly > admit my fault, I only wish they would admit thiers, (I'm only > asking them to retrieve the bottle and remaining content before > another child finds it), my indiscretion as a child was 30+ > years ago, I believe what I see now is very much current, > continued negligence.> Thank you for your patience Mary, you have been a tremendous > help in this time of great difficulty. >> > On 7/22/04, Fred R. Dressler wrote: >> Mary->> Thank you for the prompt reply, and yes we have discussed >> it before, (the full extent was not known), and yes I am >> altimately responsible for my actions and except my personal >> fate, it is unfortunate however that so many others have been >> affected by a culmination of negligence, this is merely a >> posting of notice from, it is from a sense of >> responcibility that leads me to warn any other(s) that may >> have been exposed, my sole purpose is to get the word out, I >> feel it my civic duty. >>>> 7/22/04, Mary wrote: >>> Hey Fred:>>>>>> We've discussed this before, haven't we. Tell us what you >>> think your own level of negligence might be.>>>>>> Best Regards,>>>>>> Mary>>>>>> On 7/21/04, Fred R. Dressler wrote: >>>> (1) Stevenson, (wa) Highschool Mercury spill >>>>>>>> In 1970 a one pound flask of liquid mercury was taken from >>>> the science lab by my brother John Dressler a juvinile >>>> (now deceased), at the age of 8 I ingested a significant >>>> amount of this material and subsequently spilled no less >>>> than 12 oz.s on the second floor of the "old Ziegler home" >>>> located on Gropper rd. directly across from the school.>>>> My diagnosis of heavy metal poisoning and sence of civic >>>> duty prompted me to contact local law inforcement, the >>>> epa, school dist.303, the Ska. Co. Health dept. and the >>>> Ska. Co. Pioneer,(sole media sorce of the county)and >>>> lastly, (pursuent to fedral law concerning the spill of >>>> one pound or more), to the National response agency.>>>> After consulting Bryce A. McCollum Psy. D. (county >>>> agent/sole psycologist) on the matter it was suggested >>>> that I should contact anyone spending prolonged periods of >>>> time in the house between 1970 and 1985 as the spilled >>>> mercury permiated the second floor for over a decade, >>>> eventually puddled between floors, seeping through the >>>> kitchen ceiling as it evaporated.>>>> After contacting no less than 15 individuals I was >>>> astonished to find that 100&37;, (without exception) are >>>> showing, not,"similar", symptoms, but rather, "Identical", >>>> symptoms, this number could easily double or triple.>>>> Feeling it a matter of public safety and awareness, I >>>> contacted the Ska. Co Pioneer who informed me that they >>>> could not print "supposition", (Although the flask was >>>> personally handled by no less than 8 individuals and the >>>> facts are irrefutable),and that the matter would have to >>>> go through the Ska. Co. Health dept., who were in turn, >>>> immediatly contacted.>>>> The health dept. acknowledged receiving my prior >>>> notification and deemed from their office chairs >>>> that, "since the house was destroyed by fire in 1990, it >>>> would no longer be a hazard", and, "Besides, that would >>>> require testing, and guys in suits and stuff, you know how >>>> it goes", needless to say I was surprised.>>>> It would seem to me, that due to it's proximity to the >>>> school, (less than 100 feet), that you would at least do a >>>> prelimary, (enviromental level), test prior to reaching >>>> that conclusion rather than reaching a conclusion prior to >>>> any testing.>>>> I then asked the Health Dept. "What about those >>>> individuals that spent time in the house that I'm not >>>> personally aware of?, don't they have a right to know that >>>> they may have been exposed to a known health risk?", the >>>> answer was "NO", I was astounded.>>>> I then asked, "Isn't there a way you could inform the >>>> public through a published advisory?", the answer was, "If >>>> you want to inform the public you will have to file a >>>> class action". I was appalled, (seems like a lot of >>>> trouble to go though just to do what they should be doing, >>>> looking out for the public's wellbeing).>>>> I then stated that the bottle and it's remaining content >>>> are still in existance today, ironically at the home of a >>>> retired teacher who was never made aware of the loss, I >>>> was merely asked, "Is the cap still on it?", and, "If so, >>>> don't worry about it".>>>> I found this last statement disconserting considering even >>>> after 30+ years it was still considered, "stolen >>>> property",and a hazardous material whose location was made >>>> known, there was no attempt to retrieve it,are they >>>> waiting for another 8 year old to open it?>>>> The fact that the bottle was not reported missing until 20 >>>> years later by teachers who knew the loss, is no less than >>>> gross negligence, the fact that nothing was mentioned to >>>> the public and that there may still be enviromental or >>>> health consequences, to me, is continued negligence.>>>> Symptoms include: memory and speach difficulties,tremors >>>> or involuntary muscle contractions, confusion, social >>>> anxiety,(see EPA website/mercury).>>>> If you or someone you know spent prolonged periods in the >>>> afore mentioned house you are urged to contact me, The >>>> only reason I've chosen this method to inform the public >>>> is because of the Health Dept. and Pioneer's failure to do >>>> so. >>>> Fred R. Dressler>>>> (904) 710-6166

    If i understand what you have post, correctly. Over time, the mercury is expelled out of the body? If you drink it. Look! kids do dumb things. I hate to admit it, i did the same thing when i was about four years old. I drank some liqiud mercury. Or quick silver. As i was told that's what it was. Regardless, i was just woundering if that is the case. Or does it stay & destroy?

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