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    Post: Epa/cdc

    Posted by dayzed & confuzed on 4/24/10

    I have never seen so many little govt. names. If niosh/epa
    weren't so busy making up all these little names & all
    these rules,that were continuesly being broken,by "so-
    called"repeat offenders and start enforcing some of them,
    with all they supposidlly do,I might still be a working
    person,instead of being at home, disabled with parkinsons
    peripheral nueropathies,CNS,stomach problems,glaucoma,
    asthma,heart,liver,kidney,problems,hearing,a brain injury
    I incurred,from working over 30 the fiberglass boat
    industry(1970's-2002),from working in too many sick bldgs.,
    repeated exposures,that we were never educated about,or had
    any reason to consider we might have, no training with
    hazardous waste,letting repeat violaters,who were finally
    caught(too late)in 2003,using a storm drain in the
    blding,to dump haz. waste in,for years,from the time they
    started,to when they closed shop-(1980-2005)No wonder the
    Spokane river is the 6th most endangered river in the
    WORLD!!!Because of LETHAL sm. Companies that were not
    checked appropriatlly,and someone who wasn't monitering
    chemicals either,cuz being in a business,that long and
    never hearing of or seeing any type of inspections,is not
    right!Somewhere,someone didn't do they're job. Wasn't me!!!

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