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    Post: whos job is it to:

    Posted by Ahyehok on 4/26/10

    wa. st. had many small, but very dangerous, fiberglass boat
    companies. I was employed by 6 or more, for over 30 yrs,
    until i was disabled in 2002, for CNS damage peripheral
    neuropathies,parkinsons,fibromyalgia,liver, kidney, bowel,
    bladder, heart, ears,glaucoma, and a brain injury. The
    blding where we were ,had a storm drain in it, which later
    on i found out, by snooping, that they were using the
    draain for hazardous waste. the drain went into the river
    (this went on for 25 years or so, before they got caught by
    the ecology dept. who fined them for every thing and who
    said they were constantly breaking the rules. Whos rules.
    Why did they not(EPA)call osha or nihs, niehs or whoever to
    do an inspection. why did they do itall? shouldnt other
    agencies have gotten involved? and about all these little
    niehs, nih l&I, osha/wisha, passing the buck. they brag
    about all their rules and promises safety classes, hazmat
    safety, etc.. who and when do they carry this out or teach
    this stuff, and offer training hrs,etc... do they, they do
    it or is your employer suppose to do it? cuz for my 30+yrs
    in the business, not once did i see any thing carried ot by
    them, no inspections, nothing. They just take the employers
    word and believe they will not break the rules, even repeat
    offenders. somethings not up to par. our govt is sneaky and
    a bunch of bs. IM wasting my time, arent i?

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