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    Re: Dursban Poisoning

    Posted by Roy D. Shepard on 3/20/06

    Weed killer and Pesticide Poisoning


    Is there any Medical literature available, that I can obtain
    copies, for treating neurological problems related to the use of
    Commercial weed killers, Dursban, insecticides, and other similar
    toxic derivatives and substances.


    Note: I am a Consulting Engineer, and a Diabetic, who has not
    hesitated to research into the causes, and hopefully, the cure,
    of Type II Diabetes, by reading related Medical papers such as
    those published in the Biophyscal Journal, and other similar
    Journals, as time and money permit. I understand and recognize
    the diabetic symtoms V-E-R-Y C-L-E-A-R-L-Y!

    When I got out of the Hospital after my Triple Bypass, my
    friend/neighbor across the street from my house, Fred and his
    wife, assisted me in recovering, by providing chauffeuring,
    cooking and other physical chores, until I had recovered enough
    of my strength and stamina to once again be on my own.

    In the course of these actions, I found out that Fred was
    stuggling with some kind of illness himself. In several private
    conversations, he revealed to me that in the past, he was a very
    active outdoors individual who ran his own business:
    landscaping, lawn care, floral and grass installations, design
    and maintenance. In this business he used many spray and powder
    weed and insect killers. He did N-O-T pay close attention to the
    label warnings about potential neurological and other health
    related problems that can occur by direct skin absorbtion.

    Now, under treatment for increasing neurological problems, Fred
    tells me that the increasing number of Doctors he has seen, keep
    asking if he has Diabetes and testing him for it. Fred tells me
    that he keeps telling these Doctors of his past work history, and
    according to him, they ignore his testimony, and perform all
    kinds of tests, apparently unable to recognize the neurological
    symptoms, which are, as I hear them described, quite clear to me.

    Nine (9) days ago, Fred climbed a ladder, and this activity
    pulled a tendon under his left knee. I had suspected for some
    time, based on his complaints, that he was developing Peripheral
    Artial disease. When I saw him yesterday, 19 March, I recognized
    necrosis setting in below his left knee. He is in constant
    pain. He is going to lose part, or all, of his left leg below
    the knee. He is only 45 years old.

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