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    Re: Is there a such thing as successfully going up vs CDC

    Posted by ff on 8/08/04


    I suggest finding another way, a short-cut if there is one.
    Typically, the agencies are only as good as the information
    they get from industry. Industry even jokes about this.
    They (industry) refer to the agencies as only being
    interested in the "appearance of good science," or "we all
    know that anybody good works for industry."

    The public is easily DuPed by industry, and out of their
    desire to survive, agency employees end up in overly
    cooperative relationships with industry. EPA's current
    administrator has a speech posted on which
    refernces "cutting edge" science in the agency (obviously
    they are unwilling to admit their science doesn't cut it).
    Look up Lynn Goldman and William Reilly, where did they end
    up after leaving EPA?

    Jumping ahead, agencies are hardly in a position to protect,
    while absent critical information industry routinely
    excludes while projecting the appearance of good science.

    Finally, once a product is registered, the agencies see
    recalls as an indication or admission of their failure to
    function as the public generall percieves, i.e. that they
    somehow know what they're doing.

    If you'll look at the regulatory side, the policing side,
    and hypothetically speaking, they had rather go after a
    farmer who overfilled his tractor fuel tank, than the
    manufacturer of a widely used chemical that poisons
    millions. Look how long it took for EPA to act on
    chlorpyrifos - and note that the studies on which the
    decision was based, were old, not new.



    On 8/07/04, Erin wrote:
    > I am wondering if there is a point to going up against the
    > CDC/EPA/FDA. Has anyone ever been successful? What if Bush
    > is successful in sneaking in this whole protect everyone
    > but the citizens in regards to the FDA and Pharma?

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