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    Re: Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

    Posted by vance knight on 12/26/08

    On 1/30/07, CONAN HOLBROOK wrote:
    > On 9/10/05, Carol Hill wrote:
    >> THE STAND
    >> Terry Dyer/Karen Strand
    >> Email:
    >> I was at Camp in1964 for training
    >> Meetings on Capital Hill with Congressional Leaders
    >> Scheduled for September 21-23, 2005
    >> Did you live or work aboard Camp Lejeune, NC from 1964-
    >> 1985? Military service personnel and civilian workers
    >> who were on base during that time period were potentially
    >> exposed to several toxic chemicals in their drinking
    > water,
    >> groundwater and the soil in certain areas of the base.
    >> Main housing areas were confirmed to be contaminated.
    >> Chemicals known to cause cancer and other illnesses in
    >> humans were present. Chemicals such as trichloroethylene
    >> (TCE), tetrachloroethylene(PCE), benzene, dichloroethylene
    >> (DCE), methylene chloride and vinyl chloride., among
    >> others, along with fuels were released into the water on
    >> base. Insecticides were found in the soil in parking lots
    >> and play areas.
    >> Hazardous contaminants were found at levels hundreds to
    >> thousands of times in excess of the range of health based
    >> standards according to tests conducted in 1982 and 1984.
    >> As a result, wells were taken offline in 1984 and 1985.
    >> “Camp Lejeune presents a groundwater contamination site of
    >> unusually high level of concern,” said Richard Mass, co-
    >> director of the Environmental Quality Institute at UNC
    >> Ashville and member of an independent panel formed to
    >> investigate the contamination of the Marine Base’s water
    >> systems. “It became clear to me from my work on the panel
    >> that our country had treated these people unfairly,” Maas
    >> said.
    >> Members of the group THE STAND, and other representatives
    >> of those affected are going to be in Washington, DC,
    >> September 21-23, meeting with congressional leaders to
    >> discuss the effect of this contamination and to request
    >> further investigation and remedies.
    >> The Stand was formed by military dependants affected by
    >> the groundwater contamination who saw the need for a
    > united
    >> front of people who lived at Tarawa Terrace and Hadnot
    >> Point . The mission of the group, who’s membership
    >> continues to grow since 2002, is to receive justice for
    >> civilian, military and dependent peace-keepers that were
    >> wounded as a result of toxic chemical poisoning at Camp
    >> Lejeune, North Carolina. For more information please visit
    >> # # #

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