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    Re: Streptococcus deaths and Flesh Eating Bacteria

    Posted by UnivTexo9k on 6/04/06

    Streptococcus deaths are common in US hospitals. The three
    leading causes of microbial hospital related deaths in the US
    are Staph, Strep and Aspergillus poisoning after arriving in
    the hospital. But by far the most terrifying are flesh eating
    bacteria, ie Streptococcus which take minutes to hours to cause
    severe pain and days to weeks to cause death.

    I was shocked to read about a case involving one of the
    national authorities on flesh eating bacteria and
    staphylococcus deaths, Dr. Richard Lipsey,
    ( the nationally known toxicologist,
    formerly working in Washington, DC for EPA and for USDA, that
    testifys in federal and state courts all over the US. He was an
    expert witness in a flesh eating bacteria case involving a
    worker who had a small puncture of the arm that resulted in
    most of the skin and muscle being eaten away in a few weeks. It
    was shocking to see have fast it spread and how it was
    resistant to antibiotics. He found over 300 scientific articles
    on staphylococcus deaths and 400 scientific articles on
    Streptococcus deaths. Dr. Lipsey is quoted in the new book,
    Mold Warriors, by Dr. R. Shoemaker. I was surprised to read
    that Dr. Lipsey testifys about 90 times a year nationwide.

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