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    Post: Toxic Water, Camp LeJeune, NC

    Posted by Jody MacPherson on 11/29/08

    I am sitting here at 2:30 a.m., thinking of my husband who
    died of Prostate Cancer, and bleeding to death. I
    registered him on the site a year ago. I can't hate the
    Marines, my husband was so proud to be one. I can however
    hate the chemicals that caused him the cancer, diabetes,
    nerve damage, hearing loss, chronic health problems,
    Headaches, Urinary problems, bowel problems, fatigue,
    sleep disorders, growths, joint and bone deterioration,
    anemia, Lymph problems, etc... and I am not a proud marine
    family member since I am no longer married to a Marine. I
    am just an angry widow and mother.

    My husband was told by several people over and over that
    he wasn't a viet nam war era vet, so he didn't qualify to
    even file a V. A. claim. When I filed a claim, they said
    that he wasn't in viet nam. I knew that, he knew that,
    all we knew for sure is that he was dying at age 45, and
    had a PSA score "off the charts" at over 1500,(normal
    would be a 1 or 2).

    Colin suffered for years, and was misdiagnosed until two
    years from the end. His life insurance didn't pay out,
    the VA didn't pay out, and now I am losing the home we
    raised our kids in. I was packing boxes tonight, thinking
    of him... Ian Colin MacPherson, a very handsome and proud
    Marine! He was a good Marine, and also a good son,
    brother, and worker. Most importantly, Colin was a good
    father and husband. You have never met better.

    Colin worked in Aircraft Maintainence at Camp Le Jeune.
    He was a Corrosion Control Specialist. More Chemicals!
    He grew up in the Marine Corp, his father was Lt. Col.
    Robert Townsand MacPherson. Colin was born in 1957 at the
    hospital at Camp LeJeune. He lived there as a child. He
    went to work with his father there. He grew up and served
    there. He worked with Chemicals there.

    The VA says I do not have a claim, just like they said
    Colin did not have a claim. So I lose my home, and the
    Marines lose some honor. At least with me.

    I miss my husband. He died a horrible death. He died a
    quiet hero. Colin lost his battle with the V.A., and with
    life. I hope that the Congress will fix this for others.
    I feel it is too late for my family, our lives are already
    shattered. I can't get Colin back. My kids can't get thier
    father back. We can't get Colin's father back, who had
    also died young of Leukemia.

    I want to know how many more will die before the Marine
    Corp and Congress decide enough is enough? At what point
    will there be an end to the reports, and meetings, and all
    the washing of the facts? When can our heros rest in

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