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    Post: Mold in my apartment

    Posted by Barb on 2/19/05

    I have a dark green black like mold growing in one of the
    bathroom showers of the apartment that i rent. I have
    tried straight bleach and other cleansers only to find
    that the mold will return, even as quickly as the very
    next day. I have contacted the manager of the apartments
    that i live in she promised to give me something to clean
    it with then tried to give me an over the counter cleanser
    which i had already tried. My husband and I are trying to
    have a baby, could this mold effect a fetus? Who would I
    call to come and check this. I am really tired of waiting
    for someone from the apartments to come and fix it. But i
    still have six months left on my lease. Can i break my
    lease because of the mold. I live in New Mexico and I am
    very unsure of the laws about this. I really dont want to
    jeapordize the health of a child with this mold or our own
    health either. I am lost what should i do>?

    THank you for your time
    Barb Pacheco

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