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    Post: mold

    Posted by roger on 4/10/05

    I purchased a home in 12/03 NC.the inspector missed the
    charred wood in the attic which would have told us a
    previous fire.The tech found mold in the walls which was
    repaired by seller.The disclosure form stated no
    representation for all.Also the inspector chosen by the
    realtor and paid at thier request before settlement and
    found out two weeks ago he recieved another $250.00 from
    the closing attorney chosen by her.The insurance adjuster
    authorized testing,clean-up and replacement of floors.Ido
    have signed statements.After a month later decided not to
    pay the claim leaving my home a wreck.There were several
    reasons at different times from them supposedly their
    inspector found water under home but I had it inspected and
    pix taken two days prior and it was dry,then the previous
    fire came up.The ins. co states the adjuster did not work
    for the co.but they did hire him to work for them the
    inspector came from his office and he put me up in a hotel
    for a total of seven days and paid for it and kept in
    contact wiith the tech daily for an update on the work ,he
    constantly reminded him there is a $5000.00 cap on the
    mold.One other thing the tech pulled up layers of flooring
    and showed me asbestos he just threw in the driveway and
    left for weeks before he moved the debris,he wasnot
    qualified to remove the asbestos our inspector told us who
    did the testing of the mold and gave me a report before and
    after because the tech left black mold in the home and did
    a sloppy and not complete job and I have a bill for


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