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    Re: Pesticide Poisoning-Dr. R. Lipsey, Pesticide Toxicologis

    Posted by KHALID RASHID on 2/09/06

    KHALID RASHID E. mail:

    Mobile No.: 91-9873042005

    Department Of Toxicology
    Faculty Of Science
    Jamia Hamdard (Hamdard University)
    New Delhi-110062


    To be a part of Toxicological force and through extensive
    researches do something constructive for the welfare of
    mankind. And culminating in higher position through the
    strength of purpose, intellectual maturity and willingness to
    work hard.

    · MSc. in Toxicology from Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, with
    68% 2004-05.


    Year Course % of
    marks Institution/University

    2002-03 BSc. (Hons.)
    59% A.M.U. (Aligarh)

    Bachelor of Science in Botany (Plant
    biochemistry,physiology,pathology,genetics& cell biology)


    Year Course % of
    marks Institution/University

    1999 SSSC (10+2) 65
    % U.P.BOARD (ALLD.)
    1997 SSC (x)
    75 % U.P.BOARD (ALLD.)

    · National Merit Scholarship,1995in class 10th given by U.
    · Merit Scholarship in MSc,2005 given by Jamia Hamdard,New
    · Short listed for Common Wealth Scholarship of
    Canada,2006 in Health Sciences
    · Second prize Aligarh Muslim University Open Quiz
    Competetion at Aligarh,2003.
    · Participated in Indo-UK seminar on the topic “Biomarker
    of Ecotoxicity, Cancer –monitoring and
    prevention”organized by Jamia Hamdard, Deptt. Of Medical
    Elementology & Toxicology, New Delhi, sponsered by INSA&UGC ON
    Aug 29th,2004.
    · Participation in interuniversity competetion of
    Football match.


    · Six months project entitled “Degradation & Detoxification of
    Dibenzofuran using bacterial strain” in Jawaharlal Nehru
    University,New Delhi.

    Biochemical Estimation: Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
    ofBiomolecules(Protein, Glucose, Cholesterol, Creatinine and
    Bilirubin.),Enzyme assay etc.

    Molecular Biology Techniques: Nucleic acid isolation of
    Genomic DNA, Plasmid DNA and RNA,Gel electrophoresis, southern
    Blotting, Northern Blotting Western Blotting, Analysis of PCR
    products using Gel Documentation System.

    Microbiological Techniques: Preparation of Media,Bacterial
    cell isolation & identification,Microbial & Chemostat
    culture,Degradation & Extraction of metabolites.

    Chromatographic Techniques: TLC,HPLC,GFCC,GC,SPECTROPHOTOMETRY

    Analytical Test: Analysis of lipid, Cadmium Nitrate, Nicotine
    & Parecetamol, estimation of nitrates and drugs in aqua’s
    solution, and Mercury Vapour analyser.

    Protein purification Technique: Gel filtration, column
    chromatography, SDS-PAGE.

    Immunological Techniques: Raising of Antibodies,
    Immunodiffusion, ELISA,RIA.

    Neurotoxicological Test: Estimation of Acetyl Choline
    Esterase. Monoamine Esterase, and Na-K ATPase.

    Neurobehavioral Test: Effect of Diazepam on Phenobarbitone
    induced sleeping time in mice. Diazepam on spontaneous motor
    activity in mice, Halopridol induced Catalepsy in rat, effect
    of L – Dopa on Halopridol induced Catalepsy in rat, Effect of
    Diazepam on conditioned avoidance response in rats.

    Ecotoxicological Tests: Analysis of DO, BOD, COD, Total solid,
    Total dissolved solid and suspended in water and Turbidity

    Cosmetic Toxicology Test: Estimation of peroxide stability in
    facial cream, hydroquinone, primary skin irritation potential,
    GST activity of skin, protective
    potential of sunscreen and sun item preparation and foaming
    capacity of shampoos.

    · Delivered a seminar lecture in MSc-I on
    topic “Forensic Toxicology
    (Argemone mexicana poisoning)”.
    · Delivered another seminar lecture in Msc-II on
    topic “Diseases
    associated with defect in copper(Cu) metabolism”. S


    Prof. M.
    Prof. M.A. BAIGH
    Head (Biochemistry)
    Jamia Hamdard (New Delhi-62)
    Jamia Hamdard (New Delhi-62) Email:-
    Phone:- 01126059690 .Ext.
    Phone:- 011-26059688.Ext-5510


    Father’s Name : Mr.Abdul Rashid
    Mother’s Name : Mrs.Khalida Rashid
    Date of Birth : 04th Nov. 1981
    Nationality : Indian
    Gander : Male
    Marital status : Single
    Language Known : English, Hindi &Urdu
    Permanent Address : 134/114
    Gulab Bari

    Contact No. : 0532-

    Strength :
    Positive and Result oriented Attitude.

    Declaration: The above-mentioned information are correct to
    the best of my knowledge and on given a chance, I will serve
    my duty with honesty and sincerity.


    ( Khalid Rashid )

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