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    Re: Pesticide Poisoning-Dr. R. Lipsey, Pesticide Toxicologis

    Posted by AmerAcadMed1 on 5/09/05

    I agree 100% Dr. Richard Lipsey in Jacksonville, Florida is
    the top pesticide expert in the whole country. He was involved
    in the lawsuit in Tenn. that cost a national pest control
    company $10 million, yet, earlier, he was the expert for that
    pest control company in Memphis, Tenn.

    On 5/09/05, Pest Kill05 wrote:
    > Dr. Richard Lipsey in Jacksonville, FL is still the only PhD
    > pesticide toxicologist in the entire country who has his
    > degree in pesticide toxicology and who has testified all over
    > the country for the last 30 years in over a thousand cases. I
    > heard him speak at the national convention of medical doctors
    > in Phoenix, AZ last year.
    > I have read dozens of his depositions from DRI and from ATLA,
    > so I discovered that he is both a plaintiff and a defense
    > witness and has even been used as a friend of the court to
    > educate athe jusde when he was a professor at the

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