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    Re: chemical exposure/FOIA info

    Posted by Kayla on 5/10/05

    On 5/05/05, Linda wrote:
    > A family member is having grand mal seizures, nausia,
    vomitting,cramps, hypothermia,profuse sweating. Linked the
    symptoms to industrial cryogenic tanks being released into
    the atmosphere about 650 ft. away. Liquid Oxygen, Liquid
    CO2, Liquid Argon, Liquid Nitrogen. Corporate environmental
    engineer "unformed" me the offending chemical was CO2. But
    the shift manager told me it was the oxygen. Does anyone
    know of any documentation that these chemicals being released
    into open atmosphere could cause these symptoms. (Originally
    I suspected these chemicals because an employee coorelated
    the "events" with the plants activities) Can an individual
    make a FOIA request for logs/records of tank refilling dates
    (they vent/purge the tanks prior to refilling) or does that
    have to be done through a lawyer? I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    Any lawyers with expertise in this area?

    Linda - is there a state agency that governs environmental
    regulations in OK? You should be able to do a FOIA for
    records through them. I do not work in OK, but I would
    imagine they would have to be permitted for the releases.
    You also may able to do it over the internet (FOI request).
    Check and see if you can find the regulatory agency for OK
    and go from there. Also check with EPA for your region.

    As far as a FOI directly to the company, you probably won't
    get anywhere without an attorney.

    Good luck and hope your family member recovers fully.

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